I have my 700wx set up and working fine with my Exchange server. I configured this using ActiveSync 4.3 on my Windows XP notebook where I have a partnership set up. For the moment, I am not using SSL.

My server is configured in ActiveSync using my MX record as the server because the MX record resolves to the server IP address. I have entered my username, my password, and for my domain name I have entered ct.local as this is the local domain name. As I mentioned, this all works fine and my mail is pushed to my phone.

I installed Vista Business Edition on my network on anew desktop and tried to set up a second partnership with my Treo using Windows Mobile Device Center. No matter how I try to duplicate the settings from ActiveSync 4.3, I continue to get an error that the connection to the Exchange server failed.

I set a customer I set up with a Windows Mobile 5 device and we used ActiveSync 4.5 on XP. I noticed this version of ActiveSync wanted the NetBios name for the domain before it would work, not the local domain name like ActiveSync 4.3. In Windows Mobile Device Center I tried both the local and the NetBios name with no luck.

I have a good USB connection because I can browse the device if I bypass setting up a partnership. I have tried my username by itself as in ActiveSync 4.3, and I also tried my username in the format DOMAIN\username which also does not work.

Any idea why Windows Mobile Device Center and Vista is causing me so much grief? TIA