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    1 Treo750

    2 "Inbox" mail client bundled into Microsoft Windows CE

    3 Cinguler

    4 Can receive emails on both pacbell and gmail addresses set up as POP3 accounts

    5 Can send on neither account. System reports "cannot download messages."

    6 Am using Cingular's as the domain, with the same receive and send servers that I have used for some time now on my prior Treo600 for the pacbell and gmail accounts.

    I have all SSL and "requires authentication" boxes unchecked.

    Thanks if you can help!

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    I just spent an hour on the line with customer service.

    I have no complaints, the person is outstanding.

    He concluded that my settings are correct (including using as the outgoing server with domain field blank).

    I have http: access.

    I can receive in both my gmail and my pacbell accounts on the '750 using the bundled Microsoft "inbasket" email client... but can send with neither.

    If someone can comment, thanks!

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    Have you tried using gmail's smtp servers to send emails?

    I use gmail on my treo 750 without any problems sending emails. I used both the gmail's pop3 and smtp servers.
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    A shot in the dark.

    When an email account I have setup in VersaMail on my 700p stops being able to "delete off the server" -- checking the for correct settings does not cure the problem. Some sort of corruption has occurred and just writing over the settings does not cure the corruption. I have to delete the account and re-create it with the exact same settings to correct the situation.

    On the off chance this may help the issue you have on your 750 in WM5 -- try deleting the the setup and then recreate it.
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