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    Just bought the 750. I had used a Palm T/X for almost 3 years. The main feature that I used the most in the T/X was the memo feature. I currently have around 4500 memo's stored. I transfered around 900 to the 750. The first couple of times I tried to access them, the Treo really bogged down. It took around 2 to 3 minutes to close each memo (note) after I was done looking at it. I spoke with Palm and they said that if you have more than 700 notes, the phone runs really slow. Has anyone else experienced this problem. It is really frustrating that it takes this long to close each note after I have created a new one, or needed to find information from an existing one. Any help is really appreciated.
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    Hi davisismyson. I had the exact same problem. I migrated from my Treo 650, and have a huge collection of memos. Accessing my memos on the Treo 750 is uber slow, especially comparing with Palm OS and something smart like psMemo which allows real time keyword based filtering. Nothing beats that. The best solution I could find is PhatNotes Pro which allows you to view all your memos in a list at the top of two panes, with the lower one being a preview pane. Searching is still a pain though you can do a filter based on keywords but that entails wading through a few dialog boxes. Not smart.

    I miss psMemo on my 650 and am even thinking of moving back to my 650 because of my reliance on memos.

    If anyone else has good advice on dealing with a large number of memos, I am all ears! *eyes?*

    PS: Glad to know I am not the only digital packrat when it comes to memos :-)
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    Even opening 4500 1bp size files will take long time.

    You need a note program to manager the notes. Phatnotes professional or standard is good.
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    Treo 750 hacks thread.
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    Organizing your memo's in folders may mitigate your problem a bit.


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