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    i have a 700 wx with alltel, the problem i have is that i cannot pic or vid text. my friend is thru verizon and has the same exact phone and can do it no problem. I have everything necessary including the data plan, my friend does not thru verizon. when i select a pic and try to send it i have three options, text message, outlook, or hotmail, i can only use outlook or hotmail as the the text message option is not highlighted. Any info would be great as no one from alltel can help me.
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    A buddy of mine has an alltell 700wx and he can't MMS either. He sends everything by email. To send to verizon, it would be
    Treo 750, at&t wireless.
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    thank you for responding, i called alltel directly and said that alltels smartphones does not support mms which i think is ridiculous but as you said if i were to send a pic to a verizon customer i would use the adress in your post.

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