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    My buddy just got a 700wx and when he gets mail it comes into the device and then just disappers in the inbox. Any ideas? He took it back to the sprint store and explained it to the manager who tested it and found the same issue. He put my buddy on the phone with palm tech support and they claim this is an issue with the WM treo but not the Palm ones. They recommend to switch to a 700p if the issues continue with another wx unit. Wow I can't believe that is the fix for now ! ouch for WM Treos!!! If it makes a difference he accesses a gmail account using for his inbox. He got a new unit yesterday and when recieving his work email this morning it disappeared again!!

    May the Pda be with you!!
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    It was after I switched to Exchange, my email was being delivered to my personal inbox but my exchange inbox was the one that was syncing. I would see the email come in, but then it'd disappear. Finally I figured out it was coming in and then moving to my exchange inbox.

    Once I made the change in outlook to have new mail delivered to the Exchange inbox it worked fine.
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    It seems to be a common problem with gmail. You receive a message and if any portion of the message is "downloadable", it will appear (after it downloads it) then disappear the very next time it does a send/receive. If you have it set for 1 min, you do not have long to read He may want to try a "test" with a different type of account before he completely ditches his device in favor of another. I have e-mail thru and I forward my gmail to that account. Have had no troubles since then.

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