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    Take it easy on me, new to the forum.

    I've already tried searching for my problem before starting a new thread, if it's been covered already -- I do apologize.

    I've had my phone for just about a month, and i've had nothing but problems with my text messaging. The problems vary in nature, from not being able to send or receive text messages at getting and sending duplicate messages, up to 8 times. Starting a few days ago, I starting getting an error message that says I have to subscribe to the text messaging service (I obviously have it). The odd(er) thing is that if I try to resend the text, it usually goes out, although it takes several efforts usually. The most annoying problem is not knowing whether or not people are receiving my texts, and whether i'm receiving theirs.

    I've made umpteen calls to Sprint Tech-Support and they've been utterly useless. I've had to endure 5 hard resets and numerous soft resets. At best they've only temporarily fixed the problem. I am aware that there's a patch for TREO700WX-1.13-SPNT software; but I have the newer 1.14 version, and that patch doesn't work for me.

    They've tried removing and installing the text messaing, and it only offers temporary relief, if that -- and usually the problem comes back, or something else goes wrong in addition. If anyone has any suggestions, please help. Spring has opened several tickets over the last few weeks to no avail. Thanks for any responses and suggestions, it's greatly appreciated.
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    I have no idea what to tell you about the problem, but I've got it too.

    Do you have the threaded SMS hack installed?

    That seems to make it worse, unfortunately.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xtravbx View Post
    Do you have the threaded SMS hack installed?
    Nope. Anyone? It's getting increasingly more annoying, made only worse by Sprint's inability to do anything about it.
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    Here's the erorr message I get, verbatim:

    "Message undeliverable. You must first subscribe to the text messaging feature through your provider."

    I try to resend the message a time or two and it usually works. It only started doing this recently, although i've been having problems with texting since I got the phone.
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    that message sounds to me that the phone thinks you don't have the text plan. try calling back and making sure the text plan is on your accout.
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    That's what I thought at first too, but it's not the case. I don't always get the error message, about 1/2 the time now. All I have to do is try resending it a couple times and it usually works. So, I still don't know. And there's no solution for the delay, multiple texts, no texts etc..
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    I had that error message -once- after a hard reset on its first reboot.

    I would ask for a replacement phone at a sprint store. But even still, I'm pretty sure that wont fix the other problems you're having with your texts.
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    If you have verified that you have text messaging on your account (i.e. calling and looking up your account on line, then I would take the phone into a store for a tech to look at.
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    I know I have text messaging, it's been confirmed numerous times on the phone. I guess i'll have to wait for the Sprint tech-rep to call me back -- at their convenience, and start from there -- again.

    There's a patch for software version 1.3, but nothing for 1.4.
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    I get that message from time to time - just pops up for no reason and then rectifies itself with time (usually 30 min or so). I stopped calling them, it is usually fixed by the time I have given them my name, address, and acct pword for the 100th time.

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    I guess I can deal with the Error message and try resending the texts till they go through. But the duplicate texts are pretty annoying. Any new patches in sight for version 1.4?
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    Interesting. I just got that exact same message
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    Quote Originally Posted by volwrath View Post
    Interesting. I just got that exact same message
    Just go to Drafts, and your unsent message should be there. Just keep trying to resend it, it will eventually go through. Doesn't solve the problem, but it gets your texts out.
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    I am having the same problem with 1.14 and I just got the phone a week ago. It did it with no apps installed and the current apps I have now. I know I am now receiving SMS msgs from certain friends which annoys me. Like you, I just keep resending until it goes through.
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    I have friends tell me that they've sent numerous texts, which I don't get sometimes. There's no consistency to it, which is the frustrating part as far as trouble-shooting goes.
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    Well its not a ROM related issue as I have 1.13 (w/SMS patch)
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    I hate digging this thread back up from the dead, but the problem(s) persists. I still have trouble sending and receiving my texts. The most frustrating part is that there doesn't seem to be any kind of pattern. Sometimes people will get all my texts, sometimes none. Sometimes they get some. Sometimes they get them late. Same goes for receiving. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It's hard for me to determine which texts I didn't get that I was supposed to, and vice versa.

    Countless calls have been made to Spring regarding this issue -- to no avail. They've opened 4-5 different "tickets", closing them each time because they couldn't fix the problem.

    I don't know what else to do. I've done a search, and since I have software version 1.14, there doesn't appear to be any patch for it. I'm in the Miami area, and according to Sprint, i'm the only person having these problems (yeah right). Any suggestions? I've been having this problem since I got the phone.
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    Version 1.14 has the SMS patch already implemented. There are no further updates for the SMS problem. Could be your phone. Warranty exchange?
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    i've been dealing with text messaging issues with my 700wx for months. I'll just get multiple duplicate text messages. Sometimes i'll get the same one every few hours for DAYS. The last time i called, Tier 2 went through and killed my account and re-set it up. They can do this and get your phone number back and all that. It's a pain in the ***, and takes a while, but it sounds like you're issue is something thats not set up properly in your account that they can't fix. Getting you a new frequency for your phone, etc might help. They probably won't want to do it for you and might outright say they can't/don't do it. Don't forget all those hard resets you did for them, just to help them...even though you knew that wasn't the problem.

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    I have the same problem, but it's not as bad as yours. My problem lies more along sending and receiving duplicates, although I did have one unreceived text today (hope it's not the start of more serious problems). I talked to a store tech today, and he told me the first thing they'll try is a hard reset, and they won't think about replacing the phone until they do that. I left because I had stuff on there I didn't have backed up, but I'll go back soon enough and let them do it. Even if it doesn't fix the problem, I'll get a phone without scratches or anything, so that's a good thing, I guess.
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