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    I'm not having the same problem,... but I am having a different texting problem.
    Some texts I receive come through blank, or just a square shape. It only seems to be a certain person that is texting me with this problem, they are on the cingular network, but i have other friends on cingular and other networks that still come through just fine.. I am still having problem of multiple texts coming through. It's rather annoying when someone sends you a 15 letter/word text, and it pops up as new 3 plus times.
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    i have noticed this with txting to friends who have verizon but no issues with friends who have other carriers
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    I'm still having the problems, Sprint is of no help. Now i'm getting texts several hours late, if at all -- in additional to the "normal" duplicate texts, and non-received/sent texts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LitiGATOR View Post
    I'm still having the problems, Sprint is of no help. Now i'm getting texts several hours late, if at all -- in additional to the "normal" duplicate texts, and non-received/sent texts.
    I am in Miami, and have had a WX since first release. In the fall there was a very serious issue with texting on the WX. This was an issue sending to certain carriers, tmobile and vz I believe. The patch you spoke of earlier, was the fix. 1.14 was the subsequent rom that included that patch. Okay- you know this.

    What you are describing, to me sounds like one of those 1 out of 10,000 scenarios when simply nothing will work. If you are vested in sprint, and dont want to change carriers (why else would you-they are awesome in Miami) than the situation needs to be analyzed.

    It could potentially be 1 or more of 3 things.

    1. Your Device
    2. Your Account
    3. Sprint's network

    I am in Miami with a WX and dont have any issues at all. So we know it is not the network. That leaves us with either the device or your account as the cause. Maybe both. My guess is that it is an account thing, but swapping ESNs to a new Treo might be the easiest and fastest way to get a fix.

    My reccomendation is to threaten to cancel service. You will get connected to account services. You know you are at the right place when you state your problem and they say something to the effect of "ill be happy to help rectify this problem in one call". Customer service, and the other departments (sans tier2 tech support) are worthless with these types of issues. Account services get things done.

    When you get to account services/retentions, be honest. You can with these people. Tell them your story and explain to them that you want to stay but need to get a new phone. Insist on getting the new phone. You should be able to get it through them.

    I bet that will solve your problem. It may not be the phone, but when the esn is swapped and the account is completely refreshed your issues will most likely dissolve.

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    i live in the nj area and im having problems receiving text from verizon carrier and they have problems getting mine.....sometimes they get them on time but then the receive dups or old ones in between the convo later......its just problem with cingular carrier or sprint just verizon.......does any1 know what to do?
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