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    I have successfully setup couple of my email accounts but having trouble with Gmail. When i try to set it up, it gets configuration automatically but when i try to download the emails, it brings me back to inputting my usreid, pass, domain. Has anyone sucessfully set this up? Thanks in advance.
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    fyi if you dont already know
    when you set up some pop accounts, you need to use verizon or sprints outgoing mail server. there are other threads on it. i saw alot of people w/gmail were having similar issues and using those outbound servers solved the problem.
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    I have set it up with POP...didnt like it so I forwarded it to a free imap account.
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    If you want to continue to be able to SEE the email on the device, then use the trick, and the emails will STAY on the device.
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    also, from your pc you need to go into gmail and under settings you need to enable the pop part.

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