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    I recently installed VC 1.6 a few weeks ago. I just noticed the following:

    1. The battery icon on the top has been replaced with a speaker icon.
    2. The BT icon where the carrier logo is, no longer changes color when it has connected to my device, such as a headset.

    I know I can get the battery icon back, but executing BatteryIndicator.exe in the \Windows folder on the Treo. So it's not a big problem.

    I remember seeing number 2 on another forum happening after 1.6, but I'm curious if it happened to all of those who installed it. this is a bigger issue for me. So I may revert back to 1.5, via hard reset, to bring it back to the original status.

    The additional functions Voice Command 1.6 is a plus, but I can do without it.
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    I did not experience number 1. Can you post a screenshot? #2 did happen to me and I haven't tried to fix it because it didn't really bother me. I'm sticking with vc1.6 because even though the sound still runs through the treo mic/speaker, I can activate it with my bt headset. The other new features are nice too.

    BTW I have hannip's a2dp bt stack installed.

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