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    Hey guys, I've got 4 new progs I want to post up here, but I host them on my site and would like to just put the notification here and link to the thread that has the software in order to download it. Is it OK to do that?
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    go for it!
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    Good deal, get ready for a flood.
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    Perasite, nice work (and site). Dude, I love that tagline...
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    Thank you. These are my first real attempts at anything I would care to release, and none of them could have been done without your work and the help of all the guys here.

    And I came up with the tagline because Parasites suck, but perasite doesn't. I was hoping someone would catch it!
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    For those in the market to invest in that High definition player you might want to know what the differences are between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD.
    Both formats have been around for about the same amount of time and one will have to come to end.Look at it as the old Beta max ...VHS war of many years back.Needless to say beta max supports had leftovers they couldn't sell at yard sales because format was no longer supported inturn lost lots of money in there investment.
    Beware of the HD-DVD player on sale because you will see them selling at a very cheap price but they wont show you this.

    Happy Shopping
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