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    Well TA has came along way.The eVC has taken this app up to a higher level f,sure .Its a must have on any wm treo!!
    Outstanding work hannip.
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    Thanks Sling, I'm surprised how far I got with the limited time I had available this week. It's amazing what you can get done between 10pm and 5am. lol
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    hehe ive been there..or was that 6 am lol.
    It,s pretty amazing..The 7.2 out preforms the 6.2 by leaps and bounds with that AC turned over to eVC.
    Would it be wise to throw slinghann into the mix working with the timer function???I think so.TA would be the all in one serve your treo needs app.
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    heheheh lol lol lol lol Close
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    hehehe you found Waldo :-)
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    just emailed you some trimed down waves.They Take cab down to 460Kb...
    I will find waldo lol

    Wince needed update..Got shaved wavs on board Taking cab size down to 452KB hehehe
    7.2 beta 2 on the way to your mail
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    Hannip..YOU GOT MAIL
    How about a 7.2 beta 3 cab file at the size of 379 kb hehe now thats a keeper.I pulled all wavs out and replaced sound file with new.All wav tons are at 88 kbps saving lots of space getting the same level of sound
    This wav format leaves us a great deal of room for play within the cab not overstepping the TC file upload..So we are good to go.


    Cody && Hannip you got mail TA 7.2 beta 4.
    oops.. kick the beta 3 cab to the curve lol
    Im pulling a hannip with the on rush of cabs being fixed lol jk jk
    All waves are correct now.I pulled the TEXTPEND wav because we dont use it anymore.we use the TEXTNEW wav.
    Better news = cab at 376Kb ...Now thats lite all wavs at 88 kbps with the exact same great sound quality.
    hmm we really don't need the LEDup.exe anymore so we could pull that as well= 10kb more

    7.2 lite was at 565kb and now 376kb
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    Did anyone hear that cody is a traitor and will soon be using the 6800 hehehe
    just joking about the traitor thing cody.Good luck my friend.
    TA will miss your everyday use and of course the great work you have put into the app

    Phil C

    Make sure you keep that 6800 in good shape so you will be able to get top dollar for it when you sell = couple months.Im not joking on that one
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    all my phones are in top shape. i have gotten almost everything i paid for when i sell. i will always be around. infact i'm just going to bring others with me. as long as this mort side of tc is opened to other wm users????

    more great minds... more great apps. maybe.

    for the record. i did order to first day it came out. haven't got it yet, but....
    i WILL be keeping my treo for a few months to make sure the 6800 holds up. the sprint wx is an awesome device. the 6800 will have to be worth it for me to sell the wx. i dont care if waiting 3 months will mean i wont get as much for it when i sell it. i sure i will not be able to buy one cheap either.

    peace, cody
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    Pretty cool stuff.Just bought the game after seeing in action.

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    I'm in love with the blackberry curve and Sprint needs to add it to the inventory fast.
    The curve would not be the WX replacement just the extra device.
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    hey sling almost everyone i know that has a 750, also wants a bb it that good...the only thing i dont like about the curve or bb itself is that you need to bb connect to hook to the waiting for the htc 8925...i see that device to be a really nice wm phone to have along with the 750...
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    My Take on the Curve

    Strong OS that im sure would be fun to hack
    Great Phone.
    loud Speaker phone.
    Great keyboard.
    media player.
    Batt life is pretty darn good.
    Email yes BB connect does kind of suck paying the extra bucs but it's so darn pretty.
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    Wow, I just hit post 3k. It's been a wild year and a half on this forum. It's amazing what all we've done in such a short time.

    I am so proud of the community and the MortScript forum in particular for our dedication to helping the community. Some really great apps and hacks are provided free of charge. Mentors are teaching the programmers to-be while we watch them develop great new apps. Just look at Cody's great weather app. And what a great team environment. Zbop's great tools like billboard, treoLED and Tweakster (yes I still use it btw). Slings innovation and creativity with Treo Alerts. Scotty's slew of cool apps that just keep getting better. And the Xcast crew (JD and g-funkster) which was so much liked we had to integrate it into Treo Alerts. Same for crazie-eddie's date app. And let's not forget about Mort who so graciously gave us MortScript and started it all!

    What will the next year bring? How about some ideas for new projects? I can't wait to see what develops.

    Cheers to you!
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    Many thanks to you hannip for bringing mort to TC opening up the door to all are creativity....Hmm you forgot about Treo Keylight Wow how easy that really was yet we were so puzzled on how to write it back in the day lol
    I look forward to a cold winter with some script writing fun.
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    If this isnt off topic I dont know what is Intresting info for the new flat screen TV buyer.
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    Wow, barely a peep out of slingbox, hannip & cody for several weeks.

    Something BIG must be cooking, heheh.
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    Nothing cooking atm. Just other things eating up my time for a bit. I'll be back in force when things settle down again.
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    Ahh well, so much for the rumor mill...

    Anyways good to see you guys are still around.
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    congratulations on 3000 Paul
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