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    i heard around that theres a way to make your palm treo into a tv remote using the IR that we have on the phone...just wondering if anyone else has heard about this and if its true and where i would be able to get the software for this for the palm treo 700wx to install on my phone.

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    I know you can take any PPC and make it into a universal remote. The problem with the treo's is that the IR isnt very strong. It will work.... but you would have to be next to the TV to actually send out a signal, so its kinda pointless to have.
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    Yes. you can. the software "novii remote" will do the trick. however, the signal is too weak.
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    When you say weak, how weak are you talking? Is it literally right next to the TV, or are we talking 5 feet?
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    How long is your arm?

    I didn't know how strong the IR was, so I tried Vito Remote. It was nice, but I had to be about an arms length away from the TV. FYI, my arms aren't 25' long.
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    novii also sells a "novii remote blaster". this in creases the range of the ir.
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    I’ve use novii & wasn’t really impressed with it. I had to be about 3’ from the TV. It’s a shame too because I wanted it to work.

    I wonder if there’s a way too increase the output in the IR mechanism?
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    yeah it would be nice to power up that ir port but i don't think that will happen. I used novii deluxe and it was cool but kind of annoying how you had to point the phone DIRECTLY at the ir port of the device you wanted to control. I was able to use it 10 feet away but if you weren't pointing perfectly, it wouldn't work.
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    If I remember correctly, the Novii remote blaster was made for the Treo 650, which is Palm OS. When I inquired Novii about a WM version before, they said they had no plans on it. Too bad, it would have been nice, since it would extend the range of the IR.
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    I don't know about the 700wx. I do know that I have tried remote software on my 650 and I had to be so close to my TV that I may have well just pushed the buttons on it myself.

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