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    please help trying to send ringers to a non windows based phone with bluetooth NO IR
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    I never used the File Explorer with the Treo. When I received my 700, I installed Resco Explorer. I already had an old version, which still worked, when I used my iPaq H5555 from 4 years ago. Resco Explorer has a send option to either IR or BT.
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    yeah my friend at work was trying to bluetooth/beam this video to me. He has a T-mobile DASH. He found my device and sent it. But when I try to send him a file i found no where to do it. No SEND BEAM option or anything. Although I did not look that long for it.
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    I was playing around with File Explorer and can't seem to find a way to send a file via BT. I know Resco Explorer does have the feature. RE is what I currently use.

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