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    Sometimes when I connect the phone to the charger it starts to blink the red light fast. Also the sound loops charge/not charging/charge, etc..
    I dont know if my battery is bad or something..
    Does anyone have the same issue?
    I took a video with my digital camera if someone wants to see it i'll post it.

    edit: video link
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    yes, this happens to me sometimes aswell. I just got a brand new replacement phone wednesday and the new one does it as well.

    nothing wrong with your phone, just a little bug. it could be worse. lol.

    I think it happens when the phone is a wake when I plug it in to charger. what I do when this happens is turn the phone off, then plug it in. then you can turn it back on if you need to.
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    This is really annoying. Tday its been like that like for 25 minutes.. I think the battery is dead..

    edit: its not the battery. btw, I tried what you said with no luck.. It doesnt charge.
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