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  • yes, I will d/l the day it comes out.

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  • No, I will wait to see what others think.

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    Hey guys whats up, just wanted to get some opinions on the WM 6 upgrade. Will you upgrade the day it comes out, or will you wait a couple of days and see what other to say about the new WM6
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    Oh no question, I'll download it! (provided it's free as Palm implied)

    Especially the html formatting allowed on emails(reading)- oh boy.

    Probably more stable? We will find out. Im the type that just likes updating everything I can.
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    Even if I wanted to wait, I know I won't. I am like a child when it comes to things like that. I hear positive things about it so ill go for it.
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    I tried WM6 in my Universal. It is faster, prettier and more stable. On Universal, the only disappointment was video conferencing not working but no big deal for me. For my Treo, I have no hesitation to use WM6 when it comes out (provided it is free).
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    I thought I would not be a crash test dummy but now I am seeing all of you brave folks say you're going to do it so . . . maybe.

    Wish I could do it for my 700wx, too.
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    I might wait a couple of days, just because of how many people are going to be downloading it. But most likely I will asap lol. I know a contradicting post lol
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    Trust me you will want to download it in a heartbeat. I love WM6 on my Dash. I am even using the Palm threaded sms app on my Dash with WM6. HTML email is great, and the UI also seems to be snappier, Microsoft did a nice upgrade. It'll be even nicer on Windows Mobile Professional aka Pocket PC devices compared to my Dash which is noe called Windows Mobile 6 Standard,lol. I just wish Palm made it available to 700wx owners, but oh well.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    What resolution does the Dash have? I would LOVE to have at least another 320x320, if not higher.
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    Im happy with what I got now. (I'll get greedy later).
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    The Dash is 320 x240 landscape, so it looks really good widescreen.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    As soon as i can get my hands on it, i will have treo with WM6 no doubt. If i can impulse buy a treo 750v i think im going to give and update it!
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