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    ok well i have a Q and a treo. the q was a present and the treo i got in january well about 2 months ago i accidently left my phone in my jacket and i thru the jacket in the dryer to get the wrinkles out well it was only in there for about 2.2 seconds then i heard it but anyways there was no damage to my phone well externally but now my speakerphone doesnt work, i can still talk on it from the ear phone speaker but calls coming in dont ring how hard would it be to open it up and check it out? and is it fixable if not could i buy a beat to hell treo off ebay for 50 bucks or somethin jus to sway speakers
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    Why not bring it back and tell them that the speaker phone is not working and get a new one.
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    well my acct shows i have a motorola q...will they still do it?
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    Where'd you get the Treo from and do you have TEC insurance?
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    i bought my phone from verizon last january or febuary i dont really remember all i kno 2 weeks after the treo 700w came out and i do have insurance on it
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