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    I'm having a problem with my 700wx or IM+. It will not login after I get off a call. It gives me an error of "unable to connect with current internet settings". I have marked keep active, run in background, and reconnect in settings, I tried different settings and still nothing. I was wondering is this a problem with sprint, my treo 700wx, or IM+? Its annoying because after a call I have to reconnect to IM+. If I go out of coverage area, I lose a connection, and I do not know my aim is not logged on anymore. Its important that I have my aim and gmail talk always logged on. I don't have that many registry edits on it, just the speed up pie. I have mms hack on it, installed daylight savings time cab, spb pocketplus, im+, and spb weather. Thank you for taking time to read. Any help would be appreciated.
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    It's not your Wx, it's IM+ itself. Happens to me too.
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    I have the same problem. I emailed shape services, they said they were aware of the problem but offered no timetable as to when it would be fixed.
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    Thanks for the reply Merovingian and nyc, I emailed them too, and they did not acknowledge that they were aware of this as a problem. Sorry to hear its not working for you two either, but I'm glad to know this isn't just me whose having issues with IM+. Even my free UK aol version worked after a call by reconnecting, but it didn't have notification alerts which I need. I'm glad to know my treo 700wx isn't the culprit. I guess I'll have to monitor my connection more now to make sure I'm still logged on.

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