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    Ok on my old phone i was able to go to and copy the link location of a 30 second sample from a song, text it to my phone from my pc, than download the 30 second sample onto my phone. After i did that i was able to use it as a ringtone. I am a total nOOb with this treo 700wx i just got yesterday. I tried to do my little text a ringtone trick but it won't work. When i open the text it alows me to listen to the sample but there is no way to download it. Does anyone know a way to make it work or a way to get free ringtones off a site or even ringtones i download. I do not have a memory card yet either, will i need one to do this? Bare in mind i am a complete noob with this thing so laymen terms would be much appreciated.
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    use activesync to copy ringtones directly onto your phone
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    Or you could always email them to yourself and check the email on your phone. It will give you a option to save to your phone. Also remember you will have to copy and paste the mp3 files directly to windows/rings folder in able for them to show up when you select the ringtone.
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    Can i email them to hotmail and check on my phone. That is the only email i have right now.Like go through pocket msn program than hotmail.
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    you can not send media files with activesynk unless you have a sd card, which i dont have yet
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    Yes, just make sure to check your email via poutlook.

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