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    Quote Originally Posted by Rino808 View Post
    hey interstink that might be the answer...
    If you are going to work on this one, dont forget to post progress...

    Requirements I can think of:

    1. Might want to check if phone is ringing and/or in a call currently
    2. Limit/set number of redial attempts
    3. A cancel option
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    Quote Originally Posted by Interstink View Post
    I wonder if you can send system commands using Mort...??? PhoneAlarm sends system commands that can dial a phone number for call forwarding.


    Its possible to run the dialpad and enter the digits of your last number called to redial that number.
    Hey if you or Rino want to take this on, more power to ya!

    You can dial a phone number from MortScript by:
    1) Using VJDialer
    2) Using cprog
    3) I posted a script that uses the today dialer in the "Fun With MortScript" thread.

    The dialpad will not work, it will not accept any keys sent via MortScript.

    I don't think you can detect a "busy" condition, or even a "successful" call conditon to control your redial loop, but I could be wrong...
    (wouldn't be the first time!)
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    I have no need for this utility.... But im sure it can be done.
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    thanks guys i wanna try and work on this but at this time or should i say this month im kinda busy and dont wanna start something that i cant put my time into it....and i really dont know where to start looking in the reg to do testing...can someone point me in the right dir....i know i will have time at the end of this month..
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    I think phone/State registry values is where to start. Other scripts look to these values for pone status.

    You are going to need to check all phone states to be sure you're not calling while phone is ringing, on a call, etc.

    If dialpad cant do it, you may need to go 3rd party as stated above. Look at zbop scripts in Fun With MortScript.
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    HEY... Ever look at

    May do what you want...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Interstink View Post
    HEY... Ever look at

    May do what you want...
    deja vu, lol.

    If you look up a few more posts in this thread, we already tried that...

    Unless he has added some fixes to the program
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