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    ok im a 700w user......i used to have a ton of things on my phone and then decided to clean her out and only keep the stuff i need or use i did a hard reset and then added in what i needed one by one......but now my memory is even worse than before!.......i run at an average of 3.5-4.5m.....when before i was around 7m.........what gives?........and now it seems when i use oxios memory it works but then gradually the memory just keeps going down one by one........also after hard reseting i did the active sync fix again and it still keeps showing up all the time.....if someone could PLEASE point me in the right direction i would greatly appreciate it

    software i have loaded:
    Playlist editor
    Palm Messenging
    Phone Alarm
    Resco Photo Viewer
    Resco Picture Viewer Sync Module (whatever that is )
    Resco Pocket Radio (Rocks!!!)
    Resco Registry Addin
    Resco Explorer
    Oxios Memory
    Tweaks 2k2
    PDA Net
    Spb Pocket Plus
    SPB Weather
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    Start with getting rid of Phone Alarm...To much system clash.If you need alert reminder hmm go with TREO ALERTS 4.8 PRO.
    Im not just saying that because I built it but hey There is no OS overload.
    Once downloaded the space is taken and no more is added.
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    I have this friend and this friend has this problem . . . .

    Will Treo Alerts 4.8 help?

    (He said, running to find/download it now).
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    Anything that is a today-screen plug-in will eat memory. Anything that is just a regular program will only eat when it is running.

    PDA net tends to run in the background (icon in bottom right of screen) - go into the program and exit it properly.

    Some of that resco stuff runs in the background too.

    - Also you should download and run task manager, to see what processes are actually running.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tastypeppers View Post
    I have this friend and this friend has this problem . . . .

    Will Treo Alerts 4.8 help?

    (He said, running to find/download it now).
    Will it help?
    Yes It's pretty straight forward app that does not creat conflict within OS.
    You get the 2 min reminder and led blink for missed calls/V-mail/e-mail and sms.
    When you get missed calls it will give you verbel missed call count every 2 min as well voice mail pending verbel.You also get vib alert reminder every 2 min if you have ringer on mute.I,s over 150 downloads in 2 days with high raves.A great feature I love about this build is lets say your in a meeting and turn off 4.8 pro then after meeting you tap icon to turn on.You have a pretty voice telling you your missed call count and if you have voice mail pending.It saves eye strain not having to look at a PA skin that sometimes right.
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    Let me add this as well,
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    Also make sure voice command is disabled, that could result in the RAM shortage you are seeing...

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