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    An experiment... I unzipped the themes on a computer(no active sync) and then chose a tsk file and sent it to my email which pushed it through to my treos. now how can i unattach the attachment (the theme.tsk) onto my card? I dont see a way to unattach??

    EDITED: When fully downloaded, it says "the attachement is of a file type that could be unsafe. Messaging will not open this attachment".

    Guess im outta luck there.?
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    With your stylus press and hold on the attachment until a little you see a pop up that says "Save As", and then stipulate the destination.
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    heh,heh, i got that part down..

    while in my explorer, i inadverntaely hit the "install xpress mail" even though i ialready had it installed and it seemingly froze the entire xpress application. grrr.

    See my other thread I started.
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    I tried two themes and they didnt work. the purple fade and the purple white.

    I downloaded the zipped file(on computer) and unzipped them. Then I used email on computer and sent two tsk files to the treo(push email)-

    Saved as and then put them in "my documents" where I have one other wave.tsk file-

    Went into today settings and I saw those two new files, yet when I click on them, nothing happens- but the default screen.
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    I get the default theme as well for a lot of themes I download. My guess is that they are not supported on the Treo 240x240. I don't understand why as they are using the standard .tsk format. I know there are themes made for different resolutions and sizes, but you would think I would be able to load it anyways. Even though they may not fit properly. I just end up moving to another theme when I can't get it to load. I have found some great looking themes that I would like to use but can't for whatever reason.
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    I figured it out.
    sending emails themes won't work.
    but direct copying over in active sync will work.

    the bluegrey I sent over email had a bit different byte size compared to the actual file transferred.

    weird but xfer worked. try it?

    I edited a 240x224 picture of my wife and used it as a background clear. looks awesome. I captured her laughing with my 5mp digital camera and it looks great.

    anyway, sending themes over email didn't work for me but sending over activesync worked. try it.

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