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    ok so i followed all the steps to the t. now thought its shows that i constantly have 1 message in my inbox. also the connections show sprint info so i put it on that ok...someone help please
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    Same thing happens to me every once in a while. I simply hard reset and restore from backup.
    Treo 750, at&t wireless.
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    same thing used to happen to me every so often, usually after I cancelled messages instead of putting them in the drafts folder

    anyway, do what ebedoun does or download spb pocket diary

    its a front end that will let you access that missing txt which went to the old out look instead of the new hotness that is the messenger program

    use that to find the message, delete it, then remove spb (or simply choose not to show it)

    unless you want to crack spb or buy it, ebedouns solution is the viable longterm one

    since I have kept spb active, i have yet to have the problem in 2 weeks...odd
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    k I'm going to hard reset back to new phone status and go through it all again. let u know what happens.

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