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    Is this possible at all to get the 320x320 resolution?

    I have a 680 and 750 and i want to swap screens if it will get me 320x320
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    I think it may be a limitation of the operating system, although the DASH has 320x240.

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    I'd pretty much say no way.

    1) the physical cable connector that links the LCD screen to the motherboard is unique to the model LCD used (and therefore a 320x320 or 320x240 screen being a different model would use a different connector).

    2) The graphics chipset would've been chosen in the Treo 750 just for the 240x240 screen and probably can't handle anything else or is not set up for it

    3) The touch screen input interface would be looking for a 240x240 resolution screen for mapping where you touched to a pixel

    4) the OS would likely need to be re-configured and a new rom image created

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