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    Can I put them on my SD card or something or do I have to delete them? Thanks!

    Neil R.
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    I'm pretty sure that u can back them up with sprite I'm not sure u might have some trouble reading them...u may need to convert them after the save...but I think u can ill look into it for u and let u know for sure
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    Here's a program that'll do it... though I've never tried it, just found it.
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    Over at xda I've seen a program called "sms backup" floating around, try that.

    But I STRONGLY recommend deleting all sms/mms message before installing the threading app. Actually, I recommend installing IMMEDIATELY AFTER a hard reset. It changes some registry settings and overrides others, so the best way to install it is fresh. It's not necessary, but deleting the messages definitely is.

    The threading app saves them differently also, so I'm not sure if backing them up will work with the app either. You'll have to be the guinea pig on that one...

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