I purchased a HTC P4350 from a store recently. Have used it sparingly, because I have kept an eye on the 750. The same store gave me a used 750 to try out for a few days.

I have to say, that I really prefer the Treo. In spite of what some may say about a smaller, lower resolution screen and no WiFi (that would be me saying the latter), I really like the 750's form factor. I realized that anywhere where I had unrestricted (no password or payment required) access to a WiFi signal, I would have access to my laptop or a computer. I find that is those times where you want to check a movie time when you are out for dinner that it would be nice to be able to access the web, and city-wide WiFi is not available in my city, which makes HSDPA very attractive, as that is coming here.

Where the dilemma comes in, and this may sound dumb, is with Palm's asinine inability to deal with their product's inability to sync properly with some vehicle Bluetooth systems. Is it really that hard for Palm to address this issue once and for all? One would think that for a company that really could use increased market share, they would attempt to address an issue that could conceivablly make their product more attractive to a larger number of buyers.

Unfortunately, I think I will have ot choose the HTC P4350, as the Treo 750V has a shoddy history of reliability in maintaining a paired connection with, for example, BMW's bluetooth system. I made the same comments to BMW about this as well.

I apologize if this sounds whiny...don't mean it to be. Its unfortunate when the product's potential remaines unrealized.