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    I receive a large number of emails on a daily basis and I'm frustrated at the fact that I have to delete each one individually. On my old Treo 650 I was able to save lots of time using various shortcuts (i..e., the spacebar as a scrolling highlighter) that were available when using Chattermail. Are there any shortcuts that I don't know about on the 750?
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    It's called Windows Mobile 6 this functionality will be built into the WM6 OS
    I was also a Chatter user and I'm missing the D to delete, J for Junk and R to reply shortcuts.
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    Thanks. I'm looking forward to the WM6 upgrade. I'm still inside my 30 day trial on the 750 and I have not made up my mind to keep it and install the upgrade when it comes out, or wait until a 750 device becomes available with WM6 already installed. What's your thinking?
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    I'm loving the change to WM, it took a bit of getting used to but after finding the right software and utilities and a bit of relearning I feel it was worth it.
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    I get tons a day as well. Just start at the top and highlight the ones you want to delete, then hit the delete button one time.

    Make sure the Alt key is locked, press any letter (I use A) while you press the up or down D button to select/highlight messages.

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