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    We are back on track..If you downloaded version posted yeterday it works but the upgraded build works much better
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    this looks n sounds awesome...i installed it, shows up on the today scren i can hear it say active but when i did a missed call test n waited three mins i didnt hear any alerts.....i didnt dismiss the missed call alert, could i or am i suppose to leave it
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    You need to start over and read trouble shoot posted.When you loaded cab and installed did you see
    Welcome to treo alert
    In you carrier plugin.?
    More then likely not
    Read trouble shoot.
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    Nice. So is there plans for a lite, personal, and enterprise/corporate version?
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    lol hmm never thought about it.
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    when i restart i get a pop saying "the file alert conrol cannot be opened. either it is not signed with a trusted cert or one of its components cannot be found you might need to reinstall or restore this file...would that be the reason its not working
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    Hotis go back to download link and you will see


    I posted when I put cab file up to keep the easy questions much more easy.
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    hehehe good news
    Silver Sun treo 750v owner downloaded app and it works.One change needs to be added to path so they get voice alerts .Are fellow wm treo owners will have Pro soon
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    Little update for all 750 users. Below is a copy of my experiences with the app.

    Private Message: Re: Treo Alerts Pro
    Recipients: slingbox


    Just as i sent that last PM my 750 shouts at me "One missied call".

    Its working! I'm impressed. How ever there is no vibration. After testing it again, it only plays the notification when the device is powered on via red button (although key lock is still on)

    It seems to me as if its all there you just need to look at how the app wakes the treo up, and how it activates a vibration.
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    I could just add Toggle (ON) to The 750v Pro Build so screen wakes up for reminders but hmmm that some battery drain on device so we will skip that idea.Theres a way around the treo 750 wake up issue and im going to figure it out
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    Silver I got you a TREO ALERT 750 BETA.need your e-mail.
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    this app rocks, slingbox (i'm aware that rhymes)

    i was wondering if there was a way for me to disable the vibe portion of the alerts? i'd love to be able to just have the LED alert only. perhaps i could make a small change to it somehow, or. . ?

    awesome work!

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    Drop this mscr file into TREO ALERTS folder located in Program Files.
    It will replace the current ALERTS.mscr disabling all vib reminder feature.

    mscr file located in zip
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    all hail the box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slingbox View Post
    Silver I got you a TREO ALERT 750 BETA.need your e-mail.
    Good news, you are nearly there already!

    I have just PM'd you.
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    Is there anyway to add email voice notification?

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    Sorry Katahdin.I misunderstood your question very slepy.I have a family member in the hospital and it,s been a long night.I will look into it e-mail voice notify.
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    Go Go Treo Alert Pro! (hope everything is ok with your family member Sling)
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    Ive got this working it works great but every time i do a soft boot i have to go through the trouble shooting proses to get it working again..... im With telus in canada BTW 700WX obviously. its working tho just i have to set it up every time
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    When you softreset as the directions specified you must wait a few sec for the carrier plugin to say,
    Hmm better yet I will bring install directions posted with cab to you.

    Drop cab file located in zip into your my documents folder then give it a tap.
    Wait for it to install wait a min then softreset.Watch your today screen carrier pluging.It will say..WELCOME TO TREO ALERT.
    once you see that go to programs menu and give Treo Alerts icon a screen tap.You will hear.Treo Alert active.Make your test missed call. 2 min after the miss call you will hear chime sound and missed call count.If it says 1,2,3,4,5 or missed call need attention that how many you have missed.Once you dismiss missed call led blink will stop and Treo Alerts will set your missed call count to 0. Dont forget the vib feature It gives you vib alert every 2 min after pending

    When you install and do softreset if you get a pop up message go to
    Program Files and open TREO ALERT folder.

    1)Tap the Mortscript.exe file
    2)Tap the ALERT CONTROL.mscr file

    Go to your today screen and watch you carrier plugin.
    It will say...WELCOME TO TREO ALERTS.Tap your icon located
    in programs menu and your set.
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