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    Thanks! That did the trick on the reminder. But I've another dumb question. I can't seem to select a reminder tone. I've set the alert for the action and the reminder to the same sound, but the reminder always seems to play a chirp. Is there any way to make that adjustment? (I use my phone as my work pager and I need something long and loud as a text message reminder for those problems in the middle of the night.)
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    Don't cheat yourself !!! one of the best apps available for your treo can be found at link below..I will say no more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phssthpok View Post
    I'm a proud new owner of a 750 but like others am frustrated by the reminder capabilities. I saw this thread and knew I had to give it a try. I installed the latest posted version from last night but things don't seem to work quite right. The bar appears on the Today pane and as I change settings, the phone will speak the configuration options.
    However, if I receive a text message, the only alert I seem to get is the LED, not a vibrate, tone, or voice. (The alert setting is 4 and the timer is off.) I believe the voice mail alerts perform the same way.
    Does anyone have any ideas? I looked for a readme/troubleshooting document as mentioned in a much earlier post but can't seem to find one. Thanks for any insights!
    No need to troubleshoot this anymore. The reminder for first time installers has been fixed so no more tapping of MortScript.exe needed.

    Also for those that had sms count issues in the past this should been fixed now.

    And for Treo 700 users you can now enjoy orange, red and green led blink!!! (thanks zbop!!!)

    It's all available now for you in the 6.2 beta10 drop right here.

    Enjoy. Brought to you buy the Sling Creations team!
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    Whats new,
    1)We added Xcast weather app
    2)Led color blink for the 750 series
    TA 6.2 BETA 11 can be found at hannips link above
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    I would like to thank everyone who has had a part in this build. I have installed many of the TA's and enjoyed all of them.

    Sling, can we expect a build with different LED colors for the 700W?

    Thanks again all!!!
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    Already done blue. Go to the link in my previous post to grab the latest. Enjoy.
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    I downloaded beta 11. Unless I'm missing something not only am I not getting different color LED alerts but I am not getting any LED alerts.

    5.8 worked great but for some reason the LEDs are not working properly on 6.2 Lite.

    After playing with it for a while the alerts do not work properly either.

    I'll play a little more. Do an uninstall and reinstall and report back. Anyone else have this issue?
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    When you first install it has alerts disabled so make sure you choose an alert setting.
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    I did have the setting set correctly. I completed an uninstall and reinstalled the program and it works flawlessly.

    Very strange.

    However, all is well again.

    Thanks hannip, Sling, Cody, and whomever else I'm missing.
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    You missed zbop! He is the genius that found the red and orange led blink for our treo's.
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    Well than I'll send out a big THANKS to zbop too!!!
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    Great app! Thanks to everyone that made it possible
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    hehe im slacking guys.The completed TA 6.2 lite build was posted last night and forgot about my wx friends.

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    Incredible App. I was hesitant to install this program, as I had tons of problems with phoneAlarm and others on my Treo 700wx. I finally read about the features of this program and they are exactly what I was looking for. I have tried it and LOVE the program!!

    GREAT JOB!!!!

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    Thanks Jax
    Here some more good news.
    Zbop hit the jackpot once again.I have the most current led file currently running in my 6.2 version.Ive been beta testing the new brighter and shinny red,orange and green led colors with faster blink for 12 hours and I must say.Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!
    were going to beta it for a couple weeks before release and you will see them soon.
    Z ROCKS !!!!
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    WX/W Treo Alert 6.2 Lite Silver Edition

    This is a mode Edition of the 6.2 version.It,s Built for the WX/W with enhanced LEd function= Silver Edition.I did take Xcast out of this build based off the pro version so if your a TA XCAST USER OR A
    You will find the red,orange and green l e d much brighter with more noticeable blink rate letting you know you have a pending awaiting grabbing your attention.

    Updated- LEDv1.1
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    Does anyone else have problem clicking on the link above for latest TA?
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    slingbox, the link above doesn't work for me either.
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    I think the reson is their have been some changes to the forums. I don't see the Mortscript forum any more???
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    link works

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