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    you should contact a mod and have him change the title. may be just "treo alert up to date? ronbo does a good job for me.

    then you could just update your first post with new versions.

    just a though.
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    38 downloads before you moved it to the first post of this thread. then 12 more download there. totaling 50 downloads without any replies....?

    no comments can be a good thing I guess?
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    i've had the new version on since last night and so far....PERFECT. This app i just what I've been waiting for! Thanks guys!!
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    I get alerts with voicemails, missed calls and sms, but I can't get the led to work on emails and the banner does not update.

    Is there a known issue that results in this problem? It is really the email notification that I wanted.
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    Email uses the same reg change that sms,vmail and mcall.if you have a mcall with email notification blinking in the carrier plugin and dismiss the mcall it will also dismiss email as well....Your e-mail is still avalible yet the notification has been will get led blink if you have it on the led blink alert choice that are listed above....keep in mind that the carrier bar has limted space so when you have V-mail mcall=? SMS=? and E-mail=? at the same time the e-mail portion seen in the carrier plugin will be blocked out.
    This will be fixed in the 6.2 version that will be released in 2 months.TA is going to have a full view plugin so the space will be available for all 4 alerts to blink at the same time in full view.
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    Part of my problem may be that we use intellisync, not exchange server. I've never had problems during my trial period with phone alarm. I can set it to give me a notification that sync data was received. Since it syncs with push, it is almost the equivalent of an email notification.
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    yes yes ...sorry.If you sync to get your email there will be no led blink.I took that feature out of play because so many users were having false led starts when no messages were pending..this was due to MS sync flaw with CLSID notification.
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    I've never used TA before and 5.8 is the first version I've used. When I get a missed call I hear my missed call ringtone and see the "MCALL=1" flashing and the LED blinking, however I don't actually hear an alert from TA. Am I even supposed to hear a TA alert? I apologize for the ignorance of the question.

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    No ignorance at all j Uneek.When you get missed call you will notice the carrier bar blinking Mcal=1.
    2 min after missed call you will hear a chime sound then hear missed call count.If you have the caller id feature enabled you will also hear the phone number as well.
    keep in mind you do have setting [4] that you also get vibe with the ringer not muted.
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    Any way to set which LED color we want to use? I would rather have the red one blink instead of the green
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    hehehe find me red in the reg and it will be added lol lol
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    Hey Sling,

    First, the latest version is awesome...good job...the program has really come along.

    Is there a way to maybe add a fast blink to the LED option? It would be cool if a slow blink could be assigned for something and then a fast blink for something different.
    Have you thought about possible adding sleep time to the program? I hate getting woken up by an incoming email or text...that would be cool...

    Maybe these ideas are too big over the overall vision of your program, but they would complete the whole package for me....
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    Sleep Timer working on that nowScotty is helping us out with timer profile..he is what is know in mort land as the timer expert.
    Led blink speed hmm.I will look into the ledup file to check to see if this could be done.
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    Thanks Sling! That would be great!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by matthew23 View Post
    Thanks Sling! That would be great!!!
    Well I worked on the treoset.mscr file early through the mourning and we are now set up and ready for the timer to be added.hopfully scotty has the time to write that in today and I will post the update new TA version be the end of weekend I am going to add some more displays views also.
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    This is just such a fantastic piece of software!
    I am testing the Lite Beta version on my 750v right now
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    UPDATE 5/20/07 9:00 PM EST
    Just updated to MORT. 4.1 exe file and upgraded treoset.mscr file
    The is no longer that stupid ugly OK tab located towards bottom of screen in the view current setting JUST ADDED OPTION TO TURN OFF VOICE REMINDER ALERTS IN BETA 3


    View Current settings <--Gives you all the setting you have active at a quick glance
    Display Settings Menu <--Takes you to 12 display choice to choose from.
    Alert Settings Menu <--Takes you to you alerts settings choices.
    Timer Alert Setting <--This is were you select the times for treo alert to be on
    Timer On & Off <--This setting turn on and off timer when needed
    EXIT <-- Closes the TA main menu

    treo alert is built for the 700 wx/w 750 series treo.This app gives you voice reminder alerts,led alerts for missed call/sms/vmail/email.There is the new timer feature to set when you want TA active,many dispaly views,alert settings,Caller ID reminder says the last missed callers phone number when pending,new status screen to view your current settings and more.

    Please enjoy
    TA team
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    Link Above..updated Cab-beta 3..added The Option To Disable Voice Alert Reminders.
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    I'm a proud new owner of a 750 but like others am frustrated by the reminder capabilities. I saw this thread and knew I had to give it a try. I installed the latest posted version from last night but things don't seem to work quite right. The bar appears on the Today pane and as I change settings, the phone will speak the configuration options.
    However, if I receive a text message, the only alert I seem to get is the LED, not a vibrate, tone, or voice. (The alert setting is 4 and the timer is off.) I believe the voice mail alerts perform the same way.
    Does anyone have any ideas? I looked for a readme/troubleshooting document as mentioned in a much earlier post but can't seem to find one. Thanks for any insights!
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    you need to go to the TREO ALERT folder located in program files anf tap the MortScript.exe file...That will solve the problem.for some resion those
    darn 750,s makes it so very hard on me

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