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    Quote Originally Posted by slingbox View Post
    Sorry Katahdin.I misunderstood your question very slepy.I have a family member in the hospital and it,s been a long night.I will look into it e-mail voice notify.
    Don't be sorry. Family is way more important than this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Katahdin View Post
    Don't be sorry. Family is way more important than this.
    Katahdin is right. It is the only thing that matters.

    I have a question, but I think I'll wait a little while to ask it.

    Hope all is well...
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    What can I do for you Alien???
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    Well, it's like this ...

    When I first installed Treo Alerts Pro, I didn't see the carrier bar change. So I followed the instructions for troubleshooting and it worked - I saw the change, and was using the program happily. Then I noticed that after a while, my carrier bar went back to "Sprint" so I went and tapped the icon again, thinking the program had stopped running, because I was not getting any alerts, and I had received some SMS and email. It then said "Treo Alerts Disabled", so I then thought, "hmm, it's been running, but not giving me my alerts, perhaps I did something wrong"...

    So I uninstalled and tried again, but the same thing happened. Now, I was thinking, was I supposed to move something to my \Windows\startup folder so that say, MortScript triggers when I soft reset or something? I wasn't sure, so I uninstalled again, just for the time being, until I had a chance to talk to you about it...

    What do you think?
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    You went into roam then back to sprint inturn carrier bar revealed Sprint.Wen you taped icon you disabeld thinking the software was off.
    I could throw a refresh carrier plugin command but hmm maybe...
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    Ok, that sounds about right, as my coverage at home is awful... but I wasn't receiving any alerts during that time either... ?
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    hmm you were receiving alerts if the program was on there is no doubt to that.The carrier bar does not turn off alerts.It only displays program status .the icon is the only way to turn off and on..
    The script reads the CLSID which is alert state in the reg That cant be denied kind of like the older NLED script that gave led blink.

    Yet thinking about it you may have missed some alerts.not from the software failing to pick them up yet the treo not pushing the alert in the reg so the program could read it. When im roaming which is almost never my treo does not get alerts from the tower because im in roam...The treo picks them up late then if you go into sprint area the alert is not put into the treo yet You have voice mail.
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    Sling - don't drive yourself crazy - God knows I've messed with this thing enough (my Treo, that is) to the point that I may have blown something out. Might just be my phone. I'll be hard resetting soon anyway, so I may just try again then...
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    I like to figure things out If it was the software I would fix believe that lol.
    Getting back to the roam issue.Thats why Sprint/Palm has the (Clear mail Icon) option in Phone settings because of tower roam from duplicate notification hits after the fact=mail icon appearing very late to the treo.
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    Well, I'll keep playing with it in the meantime, and report back to you anything that I notice... I'm way too happy with your excellent work to just turn my back on it!
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    my favorite app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alienwhere View Post
    Well, I'll keep playing with it in the meantime, and report back to you anything that I notice... I'm way too happy with your excellent work to just turn my back on it!

    I have experienced the same issue you described on my Sprint 700wx. I thought it might be some minor conflict with other software I'm running (or maybe just my imagination).

    If it's helpful to slingbox and/or you, I'd be happy to participate in any efforts to try to identify the problem. I totally agree that it's still a great app!
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    When device is in roam it rewrites the Regstring to of course roaming thus the carrier bar plugin text are changed.It,s a little tricky.I denently dont want to take that out of play.I could add a refresh of the regwritestring when reading sprint in the 2 min loop hmm there is a couple options.At this point im more then likly going to release a new build in about 3 weeks or so with a seperate carrier plugin that will be located at bottom of today screen giving of coure the verbel confermation but also adding the missed/V-mail/ in a text count.I dont want to turn this into PA taking over the OS yet build to it as MS should have did in the first place.As it set right now the build is 100% stable of the excepion of the refresh of the carrier bar reg sting when in roam.It will be delt with.
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    Sounds good, Sling - keep us posted.
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    I just popped in here to add that this ap is fantastic! It's made me try out Mort (which is scary )

    GREAT work!!
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    I will say more..
    THe bETA of 4.9 is memory overload.It run very cool on the treo yet sometimes we can add to much.I will have the full smooth 4.9 version released tonight.It is much more advanced when it comes to choice then the 4.8.
    The 4.9 pro complete will be the keeper..
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    I just installed it 4.9 beta. I like the audio of the help instructions, but they take up too much room. I suggest creating a seperate installer for the help instructions or at least a way to remove it.

    BTW, It's running in conjuction with my CarrierDate.mscr and I haven't even modified your script. They work well in conjuction modified or not.
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    Already been there.It,s a beta.I will figure it out by the weeks end
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    I could just trim them down then compress some more and set them as intro on first download freeing up some space f,sure
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    Hey sling - just saw these posts. Got the zip from PPCGeeks. Will test out in a bit after I get some work done.
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