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    Good deal.
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    Can you guys make TA work with Goodlink?
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    I've read through the post and trying to troubleshoot my 700wx. After I first installed TA, I set it on LED Alert only. It worked at first but now the LED does not light up for any missed calls, sms or voice mails. Any ideas.
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    Whoa. This one bad *** app. Everything works just fine. Great Work!
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    There is new development going on in Treo Alerts land to support the 800w and adding several other new features. The 700wx users can take full advantage of these new features and it is still the most supported device by Treo Alerts. With multi-color led with varying blink rates and now with vibe styles that can be configured and tweaked for each alert event it is better than ever!

    Come join the testing fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hannip View Post

    Come join the testing fun....
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    This software is compatible with the Treo Pro?
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