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    When reading pop mail (specifically Gmail) it disappears after I read it and close it. It seems like its being automatically deleted after reading it and it does another send and recieve. Anyone else run into this or know how I can stop it from doing that. Its probably something stupid I am just overlooking, but I have went thru all the settings and can't get it to stop.

    I know no idea where they are going. I can't even find them if I look for them. I thought maybe they were moved or something. dunno... This is on a Sprint 700wx if that makes a difference.
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    for some reason gmail is all messed up for everybody. not only will the emails disappear if you send an email to someone from your computer your phone will pick that sent message as a new object in your inbox. I have no idea why this happens as gmail is the only client that gives these problems.
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    You can try this and it should fix your problem:

    The only problem with this way is that when you delete it from your POP inbox it deletes it from Gmail too and there doesn't appear to be a good way to archive things.
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    Well thats interesting. I have notice getting a few of the emails I sent back in my inbox. Wasn't sure what the deal was with that. I was getting ready to switch over to gmail for the pop feature, but maybe I will wait until they get this crap figured out. Usually I look at an email, see who it is from, skim thru it to make sure its not important and close it to read later. Only problem is its gone later. What a piece of crap. haha...
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    mine does that also but I can still access from pc

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