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    i just tried putting resco on my treo and i couldnt get it to work. I deleted it so that i could redownload and install it again. but i still have a resco icon in my programs menu although i have deleted everything i can find. any suggestions?

    anygood free ware for memory managment?


    ps. i only have a 16meg card for now any recommedations as to which parts of the file system i should back up and which parts will be ok to omit. i already tried it without backing up the cookies and the temp folders. still not quite enough space. it'll be about two weeks before i get a 4gig card and i know im gonna play around with this thing before then. thanks
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    How did you uninstall? If you uninstalled through Settings - Remove Programs, then the icon should have been removed unless you moved it. If not, use your File Explorer to go to Windows\Start Menu and delete the shortcut from the, should be a .ink file.

    What backup software are you using? You should be able to backup to your PC through the ActiveSync cable, this way you don't waste space on your storage card with backups. I don't think you'll ever get to backup on a 16 MB card.

    I don't know about free, but MemMaid and SKTools are excellent memory managers well worth the money.
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    i hadnt looked through the settings yet. i just looked and saw i could back up to pc. ill look into those programs. one other thing now that i found the software on palms website to dun my computer wont detect the phone as new hardware even with pda net off. any ideas how i can install both? two is always better than one lol. thanks

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