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    I have a problem with my email not working, and I think I have tracked the problem down. But I'm curious if this is an known problem or not.

    What happens is I when I go to access my email (either from touch screen or button), it flashes, but doesn't open up the inbox. When I go to the Inbox on the Start menu, it won't open either. Soft reset doesn't cure the problem. What I found that had made the difference was I had store attachements on storage card. When I unchecked that, all of a sudden my Inbox was back. I have had storage card issues, but the one that is in there has not given me any problems.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

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    same thing happens to me recently!
    I just could not open my email inbox until I found this thread!

    And it cannot receive any incoming SMS when inbox unable to open!

    Now after I remove the Mini SD card and perform a soft reset it seems fine.

    This is not suppose to happen for a PHONE.
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    The phone disconnects from the card when sleeping. Downloading attachments, which are saved to the card, when sleeping creates this issue. WM has been this way for years. Either save them to the device, or set up your mailbox not to download them automatically.

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