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    Is there any app/tweak to allow for easily turning automatic email checking on and off? Right now I have to physically go in to each email account and walk through the menus till I get to the "options" tab to turn each account on/off. There has to be something more simple and convenient.

    Also, sometime when I turn the auto checking off my 700wx still keeps on checking anyway. If I do a soft reset everything is fine. I'm referring to the regular Outlook client that comes installed on the wx.

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    Phonealarm is the answer to all of your needs...
    it has the option in each profile to turn off the auto connect for an undetermined amount of time... Its the number one program that i own for my wx... And, on top of that, it's the only one that I have ever come out of pocket for...

    Good Luck...
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    Thanks. I guess I'm just looking for something more simple. I don't really need all the alarm and pluggin stuff. Any other options?

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