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    Does anyone know why? it says my phone has to be updated for vision, then it dials #777 then it says that phone updater failed. Do I have to do anything special??
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    maybe try a soft reset?
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    I dont even know how to soft reset the wx. lol I had it for 2 weeks and I already lost my instruction booklet. How do I do that?
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    some software have this function. spb pocket plus, memmaid, sktools, just to name a few. You may also download a free soft-reset plug-in.

    Or, you can open the battery door, and use your stylus to press the reset hole.
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    I dont think it is that though. I think it is somethign within my internet settings.
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    in order for me to use the internet do I have to load the cd that came with it??
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    no need for the cd-rom...did the internet ever work after you activated the phone?
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    no but it is brand new, not refurb.
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    Do you have a data plan?
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    How about calling Sprint CSR. Seems like it something about PRL update.
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    I called sprint and I talked to 4 different reps (2 sprint, 2 palm) and none of them knew what was going on until I talked to another sprint specialist who had me delete some corrupted file but it still took almost 80mins. thanks for everyones help though!
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    i had the same problem...u know what it is?????? i'll tell u because it will pissed u off even more .

    ur roaming...even though u think ur not roaming...ur roaming...the phone doesn't state or u ignore the error.

    take it to sprint or verizon...have them look at your phone to see if it is roaming....i took my phone in and verizon told me that .... did u know that you are roaming....i told them yeah, but the rep told me not to worry about it...then verizon spent about 15 minutes fixing my roaming, it connects like butter on a hot corn...smooth. btw, my windows media player is acting up...that things give me error when i close it...taking it's my 2nd treo 700wx in less than 2 months. one more time, and i can pick and choose whatever phone i want...verizon secrets.
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    it has nothing to do with were misinformed. the problem is a software issue.
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    I had the same issue, they had to change my sprint name and had me reset factory settings, using master code. I have a number I talk to business tech support since my account is listed as corp account since I got my phone threw work and just found out they ****ed up and lied to me about roaming , I called in to ***** since I fellow employee got charged for roaming, they reduced my unlimited txt from 15 to 10 and added roaming for 5 dollars. So it all balances out and I dont pay for roaming. It was a condition part of my contract, I asked the question specifically. lol If they didnt fix it at no cost , I would of canceled my contract, since contract is non void due to there was no meeting of the minds and being misslead. lol my moms phone is under my name and if I move down there I might roam and she uses about 50 minutes a month in roaming that adds up. Only difference is hers includes roaming and my plan being special doesnt.


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