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    Does anyone know why? it says my phone has to be updated for vision, then it dials #777 then it says that phone updater failed. Do I have to do anything special??
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    Just out of curiosity, have you reset your phone since it said it was updated?

    I've not received that particular update yet so I don't know what it includes. Anyone know yet what it's all about?
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    I purchased a 700 wx this last weekend. I could not connect to the email nor Outlook for emails. I called Verizon and got a very good representative on the telephone.

    I had to download and install "wireless sync" from the program bar. He walked me through the setup for the internet and email connections. There is no extra charge.

    Now, it works very fast for internet connection and emails.
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    well what you want to know is they charge you everytime you connect and maybe that plan wasn't added and thats why you can't go on. its lik 45 bux a month for unlimited internet access so yeah tahts pretty much it. enjoy
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    Confirm that you have a data plan and all the updates
    Using a Centro with free ActiveSync at
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    When this happens to me I have to turn off the phone radio (hold down the red hangup button) and turn it back on (hold red down again).

    Sprint - Treo 650, 700wx, 800w, Touch Pro

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