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    I had an issue with Customer Service this week I need advice on.

    I was an early buyer of the 700w, buying it in late January of 06. Got my first replacement in March of 06. Last week, it went belly-up, and they replaced it for the second time. Lucky me, the replacement had a bad letter 'O' key. Went to the tech support desk at the store, and they told me that because I had 2 bad phones in a week, I got to pick any comparable phone, but I had to go thru data Tech Support to pick. Got home and called DTS, and they told me that the tech in the store was wrong, and they would only replace with a 700w.

    I cried foul but got nowhere, so yet another refurb 700w is on its way to me.

    Was I lied to by the friendly VZW guy in the store, or the friendly guy on the phone?? Any suggestions to get them to give me another model??

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    You were definitely fooled by the verizon telephone rep..

    After replacing my unit 4 times from one 700w to another..

    I just got fed up with the stupid memory size and lag..

    So i whined/bi*ched about it for about an hour, and I was given a replacement unit..

    and THIS TIME IT WAS 700WX..

    Guess what... I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I was also an early adopter of the 700w, Jan-06. I kept having issues with the buttons and other various small things. They even replaced it with new 700w's twice. The last 700w replacement was right before my year warranty was up. which gave me a 90 day warranty on that unit. THEN that thing had issues where it would not power up when a fresh battery was installed. Over the course of the year, I was offered different phone models. BUT...I really like the Treo form factor and windows mobile.

    They ended up upgrading me to the 700wx. small quirks, but I love it!

    I had to politely argue for my wx upgrade, but the 700w...I had replaced MANY times.

    Treo 750, at&t wireless.
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    Same as the above two posters for me. Right before my 3rd replacement 700w ws sent, the DTS rep said "we have to get you on your 3rd, and then we'll have 'other' options". That unit did the same thing as the prior unit (probably memory related). I called DTS back and got some rather nasty accented fellow in Texas. I was trying to be nice, but he put me over the edge. I ended up making another call to Wireless support (instead of DTS) and got the opposite. No questions asked, a 700wx was sent out.

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