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    This DST thing blows.

    Even after downloading the DST "fix" for both Outlook and The Treo a while back, today April 1st, it looks like events are +1 hr on my Treo again.
    (ONLY on the Treo, but the same event on Outlook is CORRECT)

    I tried to remove the battery on the Treo per instructions on the Palm website, but the Treo events do not get fixed.

    Does anyone know how to fix this, or do I need to manually change all my appts?
    The thing I do not understand is why there is a discrepancy between my Outlook and Treo times on the SAME event - even after syncing.

    EDIT: I tried to fix the outlook settings, and now my "all day" appointments span 2 days 1am to 1am.
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