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    How to modify left softkey to be SMS and Email shortcuts.

    First Install wm5newmenu (link : . This is the easiest way to create "additional"left key menu.
    Configure wm5newmenu as follows:
    Choose left key to be the shortcut button.
    Then, remove it from your device (uninstall it). It wont uninstall the left softkey additional menu.

    Now use total commander (link : to modify the registry

    change Default to "SMS"
    Change open to "\windows\messaging.exe"

    Exit total commander
    restart the device

    Now you will see SMS on the left softkey instead of email. When you press it, it will offer you to open SMS or Email application
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    Do you if I have to set to have SMS and Email or can I just go to registry to change the Email to SMS?

    I dont use email at all and see no point in having it set to a key. If I can replace the email with SMS that would be great.

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