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    I have tried all kinds of methods to stream audio into my Treo 750.

    For example, go to, and I choose the audio stream for windows media player (.asx). It doesn;t work. I then choose the audio stream for Real Audio (alternative) or any MP3 player (.m3u). Neither one plays.

    How do you stream audio programs like this?

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    I had good luck with and an app called GSplayer.
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    works perfect on the 750, i use it all the time. includes all the radio station in the u.s.
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    On Cingular, make sure your internet connection profile is set to the default "My ISP" and not "Media Net"
    These two are the identical except the "Media Net" one goes through a proxy server that blocks streaming audio (all treo data will go through the proxy.) The "My ISP" version is the same connection without the proxy. "My ISP" is the default setting so if you never changed it, then it should still be set to this.
    I'm not saying this is your problem, that site may just not work with the 750. But I am saying this is something to check.

    Internet explorer also has a proxy setting hard coded that it (and only it) uses, but this shouldn't affect any other app or for streaming audio since only IE data goes through the proxy in this case, not anything else.
    If you want to disable the proxy in IE, you have to do a registry change which I have here:
    You do not have to run this registry mod, just showing you where I have posted it.
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    Another one to look at

    Resco Pocket Radio
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    Quote Originally Posted by TazUk View Post
    Another one to look at

    Resco Pocket Radio
    You have to pay for that one, the mobile stream center is FREE and works perfect on the 750, trust me its good.
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    Pocketplayer has a list of shoutcast streams around a nice interface and it is huge. In addition it is a very nice player with an ipod like interface. Sure it costs, but I like it better than any of the other apps too.

    Of course I have thestreamcenter bookmarked as well..
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    Resco Pocket Radio is real suck vs. Pocket tunes (ptunes). It doesn't support wma, AAC, ACC+, and lack of many func e.g. Equalizers, Bass Boost, Volume Boost, auto turn-off, great skins, etc... It can't play the stored mp3 files, either.

    AAC+ (w/ 44Kbps only) sounds pretty good vs. 128Kbps mp3. S/o might say: "you've got UMTS/HSDPA.Why cares?" Yeah, I know, but UMTS/HSDPA is not every where evenif you're in UMTS/HSDPA Cingular coverage and how 'bout Tmobile USA.

    Rightnow, I have to run styletap in order to make Ptunes runs on WM, however, many useful functions are not compatible in this way and low-res skins doesn't look right, neither.

    Does anyone know which application can stream AAC and ACC+?

    Treo Maniac?
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    I just purchased my Treo 750 and tired to use the IE radio links I used to use on my Blackjack, especially ESPN radio. I was having trouble getting the feed so I am glad their are other ways to get radio, thanks guys.

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