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    Like the title said, are there 2 different versions of the TREO 750 with Cingular brand? 1 with camera and 1 without camera?
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    Yes. Saw both versions when I ordered my phone a week ago on the Premier site.

    If my company prohibited camera phones, I would have ordered the NC version. As is, if I visit a company for work that prohibits them, I would just use an old Nokia I have.
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    Yep.... offered through Cingular's Premiere site.
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    I wonder if you could do the cameraless version by ordering through the phone. It would not surprise me if it wasn't offered through the normal web site because of problems of people ordering it by mistake, then a week later noticing that they don't have a camera. I haven't taken a picture yet, myself.

    For me, the camera on the phone is most interesting if I don't have my real camera with me, or for quick snapshots while on vacation that I want to send to someone back home

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