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    I have been a long time user of the Sprint Treo 650. I recently upgraded to the 700P and has several issues with soft resets and lag. (No additional software installed) I started reading through this forum and found that most people like the WX better. I decided to return the 700P for the 700WX and have been pleasantly surprised.

    I have unable to pair my 700WX with my Nokia N800 internet tablet. (The 650 & 700P paired fine) The Nokia sees the 700WX, but upon pairing both devices deliver a unable to connect error. This is a deal breaker for me unless I can get this to work. Any thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated.

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    Unfortunately like you, i haven't had success using the Wx as a modem for the N800.
    It worked with the 700p and before that the 650 also worked on the N770.
    The problem lies with the Wx and its BT DUN implementation. I find that with the (Sprint) 650/700p, a lot more devices can utilize their DUN functionality than with the 700Wx.
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    The guys at the Sprint store are gonna hate me I tried the 8370e BlackBerry, 700P, 700WX and it looks like I have to go back to my old 650 or another 700p. I would hold out for the iPhone, but Cingular coverage is poor in the Phoenix AZ area.
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    I'd recommend just sticking with the 700p.
    Next to the Wx, the 700p is my favourite. I got a Wx because i had used the Palm platform and wanted to try something new and the next closest thing to my taste was the Wx (form factor and all), coming from a 650 and a 700p.

    There are some things i definitely miss from the 700p, like the 320x240 resolution, SDHC, WiFile Pro and much much better battery life, and also lots i like about the Wx, mostly multitasking, P.I.Explorer (better than Blazer to me), streaming real media .rm formats (lame, but i like BBC a lot) and so on.

    So i live with the trade-offs.
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