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    Wuts the difference between program memory/Storage memory? How do you free up both those memories?

    my storage memory is currently total-62.95/in use-30.92 for storage and total-57.45/in use-29.74 for program. is that good??????wuts urs?
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    Storage memory is the amount of amount of memory the programs, data, actually take. If you install more programs, the more storage is used. If you create any documents, like Word and store them on your device, it will occupy the storage memory.

    Program memory is the amount of memory used by programs running. The more programs you run, the more program memory will be occupied.

    Mine is:
        Storage                                 Program
     Total: 62.94 MB                        Total: 57.45 MB
    In use: 51.92 MB                       In use: 16.56 MB
      FREE: 11.02 MB                         FREE: 40.89 MB
    This will change soon, becuase I'm going to do a hard reset and install some apps in the SD card, to free up some storage memory.
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    Storage memory is just as it sounds. Storage for programs and files.

    Program memory is like RAM. The ability to multi-task and run multiple programs properly and with little slowdown and errors.

    You free them up by

    a) delete programs to free up storage
    b) close programs to free up program memory

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