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    Has anyone been successful at linking to an AMBICOM_BT_GPS?
    I am using a 700WX from Alltel ...

    I began to worry when the WX showed the device with a caution symbol next to it ... (yellow triangle with a ?) ...
    I followed the instructions for setting up a GPS and it does not connect ...

    The GPS works fine with my laptop and IPAQ ...

    Also, cannot seem to connect normally to a SOCKET Serial adaptor ( same yellow triangle/?) - I use it on a serial device to talk BT, and itagain works with the IPAQ.

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    Well, I fiddled with the application and the GPS DOES connect now but the serial adaptors, both a Socket and an IOGEAR model, still do not connect. And the IOGEAR won't even accept the passkey (works from my IPAQ).

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    After much fiddling, all is well with GPS and the remote bluetooth serial adapters. I put the GPS on Outgoing Port 0 and used the redirect GPS functionality, and used outgoing port 8 and incoming port 4 for the serial devices and they work ... ain't Bluetooth grand? It is never as straight-forward as it should/could be!


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