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    So I have SPB Pocket Plus and I've come up with a list of programs that I am interested in and I was wondering, from those who have installed these or just know about them better than me, if any of the following programs would not work well with or essentially be a waste of tiem having them with Pocket Plus...

    Phone Alarm
    Not sure whether I should install TCPMP or PocketMusic
    SK Tools

    XCPU something or speeds things up.

    Also thinking about SPB Diary since I've already got Pocket Plus and SPB Weather.

    Just would like some thoughts. Thanks guys. (and girls)

    I also installed, I forget the name, but the program that puts the date and time on the upper right hand corner of the Treo. I think hannip or someone came up with that one. Would phonealarm affect that at all? I am liking what I've read about PhoneAlarm.
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    I use TCPMP, SKTools, and Diary with Pocket Plus, and about a million other things. There's no problem with any of that. I couldn't live without Diary. Using WeatherPanel instead of Spb Weather, though. Mostly because it's free, works better for me and everyone around here loves it so much that a few of our distinguished forum members have begun developing for it...

    Never did try XCPU, and MemMaid is like SK, so I never bothered to pick it up...

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