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    does your message every delete themselves.. or do they stay there until you delete them?.. also is there a way to save ur text message to ur sd card instead of your main memory?
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    Yes, your treo keeps all of your messages, both sent and received, until you delete them manually. Keep in mind that if you delete a chat "conversation," it also deletes the sent items connected with that conversation. As for saving messages, I dont have SD cards so I personally have no clue. Sorry.
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    Sometimes I want to save messages, and what I usually do is select all text, and just copy it into a notes file on my SD. Works well for me. Not really too fancy, but it's enough.

    However, what you're asking, that is, can the default location to save sms be changed... I don't know. Maybe ask someone like hannip, as he would have a better understanding of the system files involved...

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