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    I have purchased a Treo 750 from Treocentral. I have two rebate forms from cingular. The one I recieved states $50. The other I downloaded from Cingular's website states $100. Does anyone know if I will be eligible for the $100. Both forms have the same terms and conditions and activation dates, etc. Just curiuos if anyone would know about this. Thanks
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    Check carefully - the rebates likely differ in eligibility depending on where the phone was purchased. The $50 rebate is for sources that discount the phone more (such as Amazon.)
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    I did the same thing, bought the treo from treo central and then used the rebate form that a friend gave me from the cingular store. I got my hundred bucks. I did not submit the 50 dollar rebate. The form only stated that you could not buy from walmart, etc....It did not list treo central so send it in and enjoy the prepaid visa.

    Now what I have not done yet is get my rebate from treo central on my data package plan. You have to wait a few months for that one.

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