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    I'm migrating from a rock-solid Treo 650 running Chatter Mail. On the 650, I can instant push email from chatter via an IMAP account.

    On my new 750, I tried to setup Outlook on the device as an IMAP account but nothing gets pushed the phone. I don't understand the difference. I thought IMAP allowed for "push" email.

    If this doesn't work out, I've been reading the possible exchange server method. I can use Entourage, but it seems like there is no reliable exchanger server service? Any input?

    Thanks so much!
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    In pocket outlook, you have to configure the account to automatically retrieve your emails every "x" minutes for POP or IMAP accounts. It does not theoretically push unless you are using an exchange server (at least from my experience).

    The exchange server is setup on the device's activesync program to download mail as it is received on the server, or what ever time frame you like ("x" minutes), or manually. You find the option for "schedule" in the menu (right soft key) after you set up the exchange server account on the device (schedule setting option will be greyed out until you set up a server).

    I hope this makes sense.
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    Yes it does. I guess Chatter has a Push feature that Outlook does not. Exchange solution seems like the best option.
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    I tried the IMAP solution for a while. Used way too much battery power. The much faster, much less system intensive method is using an exchange server. I tried Mail2Web for a while. They were down way too often. Recently, they would not sync with my Treo or allow webmail access for several days in a row. Finally cancelled that account and set up one with Easy set up, fast, and uses Outlook direct to the Exchange server (no POP or IMAP to fool with). Just like it should be. A bit more pricey than Mail2Web but well worth it to avoid the frustration.
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    You can also check out the latest beta of Flexmail 2007 which works pretty well and supports Push IMAP
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    Thanks for the link to flexmail. How is the battery life? any other user experiences? It seems like a good alternative.
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    it seems as if pocket outlook does not support the "IDLE" command in IMAP. i too will be looking for 3rd party support for IMAP push.

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