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    Just got my 750. I sometimes turn on with the Green Phone button. At times the phone will actually dial the last person I called(or at least a recently called person). Other times it turns on the phone an choses the pop-up dialog that lists Dial Pad, Call Log and the last 3 people. It doesn't seem to be consistant or or predictable. Anyone seen this before? Is this a bug, a feature...and better yet, how to avoid doing this short of not attempting to turn the phone on with the Green Phone button?

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    It is a normal function of Windows Mobile. It did the same on my Cingular 8125, also.

    If you tap the green phone button, it shows the recent call list and if you press and hold, it calls the last number dialed.

    Palm recommends turning on the screen with the red call end button, but if you hold the button for too long, you will turn the radio (phone) off.

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